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Unexpected Funeral Costs You May Not Know About

When people consider what purchases are involved in the funeral planning process, the obvious things that jump out are the funeral service itself, casket and memorial printed materials. However, there are lesser-known items you may not think about. Talking to your funeral provider about these items will always give you a heads-up on some things you may need to add, but get a head start by reading about some common add-ons below.

Cemetery Closing/Set Up Fees If you are planning on having a cemetery burial, there may be fees for the opening and closing of the grave and set up fees for the tent and chairs. These costs usually vary by the cemetery you choose, but they can often cost $1000+. To get a more accurate quote, have a conversation with the funeral director about the various cemetery costs you may expect.

Burial Vault For some cemeteries, you need to purchase a burial vault which encloses the casket when it’s in the ground. Although not required by all cemeteries, the vault preserves the earth and prevents sinking, for both caskets and urn burials. Check with your funeral provider to see if your cemetery requires a burial vault.

Death Certificates Death certificates are usually necessary for social security and pension payouts and settling estate affairs. You can order as many of these as you need, and the cost can vary by state or county, depending on your location. Some death certificate prices are separated out in tiers (i.e. the first copy is $25 and $10 for each additional copy).

Keepsake Urns and Jewelry If you or a loved one are planning on being cremated, those who receive the ashes can choose to split them up in jewelry capsules, or smaller urns, leaving them with a special memory of your loved one. Talk to your funeral director about options, as there may be a fee involved in splitting up the cremains.

Honorariums If you plan to have musicians, or a religious leader at your service, you can choose to set aside money for an honorarium. These rates can vary from $100 per person or more, but depends on your provider and area.

Planning Ahead for Anticipated Costs Preplanning your funeral arrangements can give you and your loved ones a chance to consider these extra costs which often fall to the side. Plan in the comfort of your home with your local, trusted funeral provider. Ask your funeral provider if they offer online planning through eFuneral, and start your prearrangements today.

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