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4 Alternative Options for Your Loved One's Cremains

If you're looking to arrange a cremation, you're probably aware of the traditional urn route to keep your loved one's cremains. But if you're looking to memorialize your loved one with a more personalized piece, here are some options you can explore.

  1. Parting Stones Based in Santa Fe, Parting Stone takes cremated remains and turns them into unique stones. This option is perfect for those looking for multiple pieces to spread amongst family members, as adult remains typically return between 40-60 stones. The process can also be completed remotely, as the cremated remain collection process and stone delivery are all done through the mail.

  2. Glass-Blown Art Glass art takes cremated remains and combines them with molten glass to create a glass-blown art piece. This option is perfect for those looking for more personalized color schemes and designs, as you can often take special pieces of your loved one such as a favorite color, animal, or concept, and personalize the piece to keep their memory alive. There are many companies that make cremated glass-blown art - check out Soulbursts and Spirit Pieces for more information.

  3. Turning Ashes into Trees If you're looking for a “greener” option, companies like Biotree have options to turn your loved one’s cremated remains into a tree. The remains are placed in a special urn and can be watered and planted to produce a tree.

  4. Commemorative Tattoos For those loved ones wanting to memorialize your loved one in a more physical way, tattoo ink is a great option. In this process, a small amount of the cremated remains is infused with standard tattoo ink. As tattooing is a physical procedure, there are considerations with this process. For example, finding an artist willing to tattoo with the ink material can be difficult. However, once an artist is found, ritual tattoos have endless personalization options.

With so many alternative options out there, research first to determine what the best way is to memorialize your loved one and keep their cremains. Talking to your preferred funeral provider can also help determine which options are most accessible within your budget and geographic location. Your funeral provider is the expert and can bring to light even more options you may not have been aware of.

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