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Becoming Comfortable with Preplanning a Funeral Online

As a consumer, you’re probably very comfortable with shopping online, spending hours each month browsing online stores. These past two years have made online shopping more important than ever for consumers, putting everything at your fingertips. If you’re already online shopping for everyday items, is shopping for funeral arrangements online all that different?

Arranging a funeral is a big commitment – where do you start? Luckily, your local funeral home may have an online planning tool where you can select your arrangements, plan, and pay – all online. We’ve highlighted some common concerns below about preplanning online, and how your local funeral home can help you through the process.

What If I Get Stuck in the Process?

Even with an online planning tool, you may still hit roadblocks during the process. With this platform, you still have access to your local funeral home at any time, to have them walk you through the process. Purchasing something as important as a funeral is a big decision – even with online planning options, you will always have a funeral expert backing you, every step of the way.

What If I Want to Plan In-Person?

Online storefronts can be used in a multitude of ways. As a consumer, you may not know all the service pieces included in a funeral arrangement. Viewing those options beforehand online can help you understand what you will need to purchase. Your local funeral home will be more than willing to meet with you in person, possibly even using the storefront to help walk you through the process.

How Do I Know if My Funeral Home Has an Online Storefront Option?

If your local funeral home has a storefront, it will most likely be linked online under a “preplanning” section. However, not all funeral homes have a digital planning option. If you’re interested in preplanning online, the best way to know your options is to call local funeral homes and inquire about online planning options.

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