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How to Start the Conversation About Preplanning

Whether you’ve considered preplanning for yourself or a loved one, starting the conversation can be difficult. Arranging a funeral is one of the most sensitive things you can purchase, and even thinking about end-of-life plans can be difficult for some.

But starting that conversation is crucial – especially in a time in which inflation and costs are soaring. Preplanning your funeral can save you money and give you and your loved ones peace of mind, knowing your wishes are met. See below a few ways you can get the conversation started.

When to Have the Conversation

For many parents and loved ones, end-of-life planning may be a touchy subject. When you’re preparing a time to talk, make sure each party is calm and open-minded to have the conversation. Even though it might never be the perfect time to talk about the death space, having it in a calm space will make your next talking points easier to discuss.

Come Prepared with Supporting Talking Points

If your loved one has never considered preplanning, come to them first with some talking points about the reasons they should consider taking the step. Benefits of preplanning you can mention are:

  1. They can save money by preplanning, and locking in today’s prices for the services and merchandise.

  2. They have the final decision on their services and arrangements – ensuring their wishes are met for any funeral or memorial services.

  3. Their loved ones will have peace of mind, knowing everything is taken care of in advance.

If your loved one is still unsure about the planning process, you can find more information about which services to choose from, how to find a funeral provider to plan with, and other costs related to funerals by clicking below.

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